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By The Morning Bridge

Early morning photo shoots are wonderful for a few reasons. The first of course is the quality of light;the harsh shadows have yet to rise with the morning sun . But there is a much more practical reason for shooting at sunrise versus sunset and this is why:

If you live in a city, which according to statistics, more than half of the world's population does, you know how crowded it can get. The mere sight of the New York City Subway stations at rush hour are enough to have me running for the hills of Appalachia. As a photographer, especially if shooting a family or editorial session, the worst case scenario is that a hoard of people make their way in to my shot. The easiest solution? Photograph at times when people are less likely to be out, i.e., sunrise (sunrise on a weekend specifically). Shooting at this time of day on the weekend almost certainly guarantees a quieter situation.

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