• Sara J

Winter Bunny

As a photography instructor, I often tell my students to create an image in their mind prior to grabbing the camera. If there is a plan in place, just like in any other realm of life, execution is always more successful. Sure there are details that can be unforeseen but the concept and game plan are in tact.

Prior to this photoshoot, I planned out everything from the attire, the makeup look to the overall feel of the session. The goal was to use natural light to create soft yet dark images, so I opted for the sunset time frame during the winter.

Knowing the quality of light prior to any given shoot (outdoor) is key. One must think about the time of year, time of day.. is it windy, cloudy, sunny, cold, hot? All of the above plus more factor in to how the photo itself will look.

Check out the images below...

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