• Sara J

Summer in the Spring

Before the Spring officially arrived, I traveled to Coney Island to catch some surf, sun and photograph Summer Anne, an uber talented model/ photographer/ college student.

In my spare time, I love to crochet. Lately, the crochet trends have been getting "thicker and thicker" with yarn balls the size of small cities. I purchased some bulk yarn but was uncertain as to what to do with it. As I began to make a chain, something necessary for many types of items, the thought of a chunky collar popped in to my mind. When all was said and done, the collar looked more like an avant-garde fashion piece, something to be modeled not necessarily something to wear to work. So I put the two together and the outcome is below. I wanted the soft colors of the sand and blush pink to be the canvas on which the blue collars would sit.

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