• Sara J

Swing in to the Week!

Last week, I had the honor of meeting and photographing this beautiful family .

Many times when setting up a photo session, one of the first things to do is scouting out locations. Other times though, no scouting needs to be done at all. For instance, during this session we used the family's beautiful yard.

The most important aspect about photographing children is having them be comfortable. This could mean physically, as in not wearing an itchy sweater the child detests, or it could mean location wise. Anything to normalize the experience will only in the end, enhance the photos. So if everyday after school, a child plays on the swing set in their yard, this really could be a very special and proper place to conduct a photo session.

This session had an added extra level of excitement. Being that we were shooting on the client's property, we were also able to coerce their animals in to a photograph. It was a great shoot all around!! Take a look below :

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