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Kate in the Rise

It's funny now to think about how cold I felt on the morning of this shoot. It's currently blizzarding, yes I will be using this non grammatically correct term. A text from the weather service just came through, letting me know that an inch of snow will be falling per hour. Blizzarding. I am inside though, about to make some chili and I completed all of my major food shopping last night.

For this photoshoot, I trekked in to the city sometime in November before sunrise (before blizzarding) with the intent of using the east side of Manhattan as my muse, well along with the always incredible Kate. I could not have been happier with the outcome. The lighting was perfect and even more perfect were the small amounts of people lining the streets. It's incredibly difficult to photograph NYC minus people. I usually aim to avoid the city whenever possible because of this, but if my muse was the east side, there was no choice in the matter.

When I was around sixteen or seventeen years old I went to my friend's house for a sleepover. We snuck in to the city to go to a hookah bar, because that's what sounded exciting at the time. We stayed out all night. We hurried back to catch a ferry just around sunrise and I pulled out my camera, a disposable that I had reached for upon packing for the sleepover. The east side of Manhattan glowed this perfect orange -pinkish hue and I could tell through the viewfinder that these were to be the most incredible photos that I had ever shot.

The bad news came when I went to get them developed and the person at the cashier explained that the entire roll of film just did not come out. I was devastated. My mother walked up to me. "What's wrong?" She asked. "These photos of the city at sunrise didn't come out!" I blurted.

I learned a few things that night. One, don't lie to your mother because she will find out eventually, for me it was almost instantaneous. Two, to let go. That not matter how much you love something, you may lose it. Three, that I was obligated to reshoot a sunrise over the east side in some capacity, some day.

Here are some photos of that some day.

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