• Sara J

Wedding by the Carousel

The wedding industry has been turned upside down in the last decade, arguably the last five years. Couples are now choosing less traditional places in which to wed, and from my experience, this is usually a good thing! I have photographed weddings in parks, weddings in botanical gardens, and other non-traditional venues. No longer is a typical hall required. I do believe that each bride and groom desire their own special wedding experience, and non-traditional venues can really satisfy that craving. The wedding below, took place at a carousel! Fun fact: This was the first wedding at this particular location.

The beautiful carousel lights gave the entire evening a magical feel and the guests had unlimited access to take a ride on a unicorn, a bear, or a lion! Surrounded by close friends and family, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!

Earlier in the night, the bride and groom spent some time by the adjacent pond, taking in the moments before the ceremony.


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