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Gale Morning

It's ten am on this Sunday morning in New York City. The laundry is in, I have just sent photos to a client and there is a gale warning in effect. It's the perfect scenario for completing indoor chores and believe me, there is plenty to tackle. Before I get to the less exciting tasks though, I wanted to share a few photos with you. See, I don't often photograph nature in the way I once did, and every now and again it is good to get back to one's roots.

This series of photographs were taken at a small botanical garden in upper New York, on a mildly rainy day. Therefore, no spray bottle was harmed during the shooting of these photos. Being that it was early October, I was surprised that so many insects, especially bees, were still out and about, flying from one flower to another. Due to the heat overstaying its welcome this season, the bees took full advantage. Another advantage was the lack of foot traffic in the area. Apart from a few families and a few macro photographers searching for the perfect shot, the grounds were largely barren.

Every year, around this time, my thoughts are the same as I take my camera out to shoot. Will this be the last decent day? Will it turn cold tomorrow? Will the leaf drop overwhelm prior to peak foliage? On this particular day, it felt like the fall hadn't yet arrived, but the pressure still sat on the nape of my neck.

Scroll through to see the outcome!!

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