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Escape to the Real World

What is the "real world" we so often hear about? Is it the 9-5 desk job with florescent lighting and a small coffee machine? Is it stuffing yourself next to a person in a suit coughing on the subway? Is it the two hour commute to a job that pays just enough to get you to work?

I think the real world is the world we so often overlook, the world that is right outside our door, the world that is not a creation of man. The term, "real world" often denotes this dim, bleak, difficult life situation in which there seems to be no escape. I wonder sometimes if the way in which many of us view this terminal life sentence in the "real world" is a reality we can actually alter.

Of course, I have no answers- nor do I pretend to, but I do think spending time outdoors and in nature, is essential to the wellbeing of the human population (of which I am writing directly to- no llamas allowed!)

I believe at the root of much of the anxiety that our nation and world are experiencing (at higher rates than ever) is a lack of connection to mother nature. When I am out mowing the lawn at my husband's family farm- just me and 80 acres, I feel at peace.

The following photos were taken during peak foliage season in upstate New York. The climb was more than I bargained for if I am honest, but well worth it. The winds were quite gusty, but with that came these jaw dropping clouds. If you look really closely at some of the images, you can see a tiny rainbow in the distance.

I hope you enjoy this temporary departure from the "real world".

Farm house foliage

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