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I couldn't think of a more fitting title for this blog post, as I sit here and reflect on the beauty that is motherhood. Over the years, I have photographed many newborn babies and have observed many moments with new mothers. In a way, it is a high honor to be sharing this space with both baby and mama. While most of the world is shut out, the photographer becomes part of the seam.

Due to the sensitive nature of having just birthed a child, or brought a baby home, many mothers prefer not to be a subject during this time. I completely understand. Many feel that they do not look their best or more importantly, feel their best. On this particular session, Mama felt no different, but she allowed me to photograph some in between moments. This session, above any other newborn session that I have worked, taught me something very important about my own personal preferences and about outcome.

Newborn sessions are very typically photographed with a backdrop, a sleeping baby and a boat load of props. While I do think this look can be quite nice, it is not documenting reality, it is augmenting it. Photographing real moments between parent and baby are so much more powerful. There is a bond that can be felt through the image, and the memories can be savored forevermore. While, as a photographer, I always respect whatever decision the client comes to in terms of their comfortability in any given situation, I do think I personally prefer the documentary aspect of newborn and mother.

What I also find amazing, is that we all come from this one place, this womb, and this connection is one that is so primal, and so easily visible from day one. Scroll through to see a couple of my favorites!

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