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California Summer on the East Coast

For this photoshoot, the intended concept was a cross between new age, space age, and Mars. I had a very specific location in mind, but when we arrived, the area was overgrown with shrubs. No Mars.

Instead, I pushed the photoshoot over a few feet and shot in the sand, making certain to keep the ocean out of the frame. The particular beach that we worked on was full of garbage, which was strewn across the landscape. I chose to emphasize this and I think it really added to the space junk affect!

When it came time to edit the photos, I noticed that some of the images appeared as if they had been photographed in Southern California, such as the magenta bodysuit images, where the model is in front of the rocks. I love disguising locations and this was certainly the most disguised a location could possibly be!

This was such an enjoyable editorial to photograph and style and

I hope you enjoy looking through the images!

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