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Covid + Photography!

Over the course of the past few months, people's lives around the world have been undoubtedly changed. From the unfathomable amount of lives lost, to the businesses that have closed its doors, it is simply insurmountable. In a perfect world, we would quickly bounce back and return to normal life, but this is simply not possible as of yet.

After over two months of staying home and socially distancing, I made the decision to schedule my first photo shoot. I did so with mild anxiety and care and, an abundance of caution. When is the "right" time to resume life? I don't know the answer to that.

When I arrived at the agreed upon outdoor location, I donned a mask and remained six feet apart. It was a wonderful feeling, to be outside again, talking to another human in person (apart from the one I live with). For a brief moment, I almost forgot about the current situation. Then, as I breathed heavily into the fabric, I remembered.

As Jesse and I made our way to various locations in the park, he played little bits on the trumpet. I photographed him from different angles, in different lighting, feeling a sense of comfort holding my camera again. Just as we were switching locations, a woman walked up to him and said, "Thank you for playing. Your music sounded beautiful." I suppose that normally this would not move me, but in a way it felt as if she were saying, "It's good to be alive. It's good to be outside. It's good to be a part of the world again." Or maybe that was what I thought.

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