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Everything in its Time

Some people are autumn people and some are not. Some people absolutely detest pumpkin anything, and some wait for it all year-round. I am definitely an autumn person! Bring it on! I love the cooler temperatures and the season's spices, but most of all, I love the changing of the leaves.

A number of years ago, I took a drive up to Litchfield, Connecticut. It was one of the most memorable foliage seasons to date, and every shade was as vibrant as could be. I've often looked to that trip as the pinnacle of color- but since then, many years have gone by without an intensely saturated foliage season. The tones have been dull and the push and pull of leaf drop versus peak color have not been successful. So this year, when I traveled upstate, I was mesmerized by what I saw. Everything was as it should be: the reds were potent, and the oranges were perfect and not burnt. Immediately, a certain familiar sadness took hold of me. It wasn't even October- yet I had just witnessed the perfect foliage. I only had one day to photograph- not enough time- and was this it, I wondered?

The first places in the Northeast to see changes in foliage are always in the mountainous regions. This is precisely where I was when I photographed these images. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the tones will appear the same once the leaf change occurs on the coast. As more time passes, more unruly weather trickles in, and wind is always a possibility. If combined with rain, the plausibility of a good season quickly shifts.

For now, I remain hopeful. I look to the sky for those deep blues, and to the trees, I await all of their tones.

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