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Halloween 2020

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

October is over. I don't even want to discuss how sad this makes me, so for today, though it is November, let's pretend it is still macabre season.

I prepared for this shoot for quite some time- attaining the wardrobe, scouring the interwebs for the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, the perfect men's necklace. I was so excited to translate the concept from my mind onto the frame.

So when the day approached, and I discovered that it was to be 44 degrees, I was not a happy camper! All of the days surrounding this one particular one were ten to twenty degrees warmer. Lucky me, I worked with two awesome individuals who powered through the chill.

In this photograph, Alexa sits on a chair I found online, which my husband reupholstered. I'd been trying desperately to find this exact chair and lo and behold, someone a mere fifteen minutes away had one! You know never know what you will find if you just do a bit of research,

I love how stoic they look! This is exactly what I want when shooting in this genre.

We used a local beach for this session. Most of the photos were shot in the opposite direction of the water, but here the ocean takes a nice backseat.

The session turned into a super lovefest if you couldn't tell, and it was adorable!

I love too many shots to include them all, but the above were just some of my favorites!

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