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Holiday Season at the Farm

The weather in New York City is going to be frightful today! A storm is heading towards the coast and is said to be bringing with it, 1-3 inches in the city and 3-6 upstate. Thank goodness this was not the case during this fun family holiday card session!

Oftentimes, families are stuck with either bad weather and plenty of locations, or good weather and no locations. Christmas tree farms only open in the end of November for the most part, which is great if one needs to pick up a tree, but not so wonderful if one has small children and doesn't want to expose them to the elements. For this session, to remedy the issue, I found Habiak Farms in Central New Jersey. They were so welcoming and allowed us to explore their grounds. Photographing this session in early November took care of the issue of weather. While it was cold outside, it was much more bearable than its potential- not to mention, little Henry loved running around the grounds and even put a star atop the tree!!

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