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Location, Location, Location!

Location is everything, they say, but what does that actually mean? When it comes to creating a photoshoot, every aspect in the process is of importance, including the backdrop and setting.

Early in my photography career, I would often focus so intensely on the subject, that I would discount the backdrop. Oftentimes, this would lead me to unintentionally include things like a pole seemingly sticking out from behind a subject's head, or a tree trunk, to a wrinkled cloth backdrop. Those minor details can be amplified within a frame, depending on how the image is captured.

For this session, I chose an industrial backdrop to compliment the soft, ethereal quality of the dress and hairstyle. Being that this setting is very different from a forest, where it is easier to find a block of a backdrop in a canopy of trees, I had to be more strategic in placing the subject. I scoured every line and corner, sometimes using a wide-angle lens to capture a distorted view of the setting, something unattainable with the human eye.

In the end, the details make up the whole, and the location is merely and not merely the canvas.

*photographed and styled by @sarajdsign

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