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Love at Sunrise

As a photographer, part of the job is to be a bit pushy. Perhaps pushy isn't the correct term.

Every photographer has their own unique style and their own route of getting the client to meet you somewhere between your vision and theirs. Sometimes it's super easy and others less so. Often times, if a certain date or time doesn't work with the client's schedule, I offer up a solution: sunrise.

90% of the time, they don't go for it and who can blame them. It's super early-especially during this time of year. "Sunrise? At 5:00 am? No way."

But every now and again, I'll come across those who wish to take the early journey with me and believe me does it pay off.

Photography is based around light. Sure composition plays a role as does understanding one's gear etc., but nothing is as important as light. Understanding your own location is extremely important as well. I knew the session would be at the beach, which meant the sunrise light would hit over the water. Luckily, I had two open-minded and down for anything clients (who also happen to be my brother and future sister-in law).

While photography is an art and a science, there is also an aspect of luck to the whole thing- specifically if shooting outdoors. It's a guarantee that the sun will rise every morning, but it certainly is not a guarantee that the skies will be clear and the colors will pop- that's the luck portion. So we were very blessed to show up in good weather to beautiful pinks and oranges.

Shooting at sunrise offers another benefit as well. When a session takes place at sunset, time is limited. The sun will dip under the horizon- light will be lost. Shooting at dawn means that the session can be a bit more leisurely as the sun rises.

Below, we spent a few minutes with the sand and beach grass, soaking in the late spring morning.

We were then able to walk to a different location, one of my favorites, and shoot under some pines.

I love offering up different moods and settings within one session, so that it feels more dynamic.

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