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Meant To Be

Some of my favorite shoots are ones in which I style my clients. I absolutely love coming up with wardrobe and theme. However, my closet has ended up looking like broadway's behind the scenes, so every now and again, I must purge!

For this session, I reached into my wardrobe and found this magnificent coat I'd originally purchased for a session that didn't happen. Turns out it was meant to be! This coat was clearly meant for this session and this session only!

I met Justin by the ocean on the warmest day of 2021. The sun had just dipped beneath the horizon and we took full advantage of blue hour. When I envisioned what this session would be, I knew the colors from the coat would blend nicely with the blue hues of dusk.

When shooting in blue hour, time will run out much faster than shooting around sunset. You've got to work quickly and efficiently. I think the total amount of time we spent shooting, was nothing more than thirty minutes.

After the shoot, I sent him home with the coat of many colors. With his natural style, I know he'll get many uses out of it!

Check out some of the images below:

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