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Red Velvet

Prior to a photo session, I like to have one or two words in mind that describe the theme of the shoot. This allows me to better envision the final images, down to the wardrobe. Sometimes the word could be as simple as "retro" or "happy", but other times it could be as specific as "holographic angel of Mars."

For this session, the only certainty (at first) was red velvet..... and not the cake. I just had this vision that a red velvet dress was the only way to accomplish the intended mood. My goal was to attain a certain darkness in the images, a certain mystery, but also a soft feeling. I wasn't looking for anything grungy or noise-filled.

While I like to have a theme prepared, I am also extremely inspired by the person or people that I work with and the locations in which I shoot. All of these moving parts play an integral role in the final images.

*Photo session photographed and styled by @sarajdsign

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