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Shevi's Bat Mitzvah!

These days it can feel as if we are constantly trying to make the best out of a myriad of difficult situations. With that said, I have witnessed so much ingenuity and creativity in dealing with these difficulties. One such example was this lovely outdoor, socially distanced bat-mitzvah celebration. Instead of a typical indoor party, the family chose to celebrate outdoors in a safe manner. What they did not initially expect was that the day would be rained out. So after adding a few small tents to the local park, the family was able to come together and enjoy Shevi's bat-mitzvah.

I like to keep in mind that this way of life is temporary; that while it may take some time and we do not know how much time, eventually life will resume as it once was. There will be weddings indoors, birthday parties in halls, and one day we will have no fear being in a crowd of concert goers, all singing along to our favorite songs. Until then...

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