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Summer Squeeze

My husband and I traveled to Cape Cod on a camping trip during the last weekend of summer. This has been and is such a weird year- a year when traveling is so up in the air- and camping has felt right to us.

We arrived at Shady Knoll Campground in the afternoon to this amazingly sweet smell. I couldn't put my finger on its origin until I looked around and noticed grapevines covering the entire area! It smelled like grape juice! What an unexpected joy! After we set up our tents and cooked some lunch, we headed out to the surrounding area of Brewster and found some amazing locations in which to shoot!

I did a bit of research and discovered that Breakwater Beach in Brewster, has ultra-low tides. We arrived just before sunset, and it seemed as if everyone knew about this treasure of a place. Kids played in the tidepools filled with tiny jellyfish and seashells, lovers walked arm in arm on the sand, and a game of frisbee took place way out in the water, where the low tide hit their ankles. It was an amazing sight to experience.

During this trip, we also stopped by Chatham, where seals crowded in the harbor, and then we

took a drive out to P-town. It was a lovely goodbye to a season oddly spent.

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