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Traveling During COVID-19

These are trying times. Life, as we know it, has shifted, and with that comes an unbearable amount of uncertainty. From our careers to our families, what was once an existence smattered with predictability, now resembles nothing of the sort.

At the start of COVID-19, just like many others, I had a yearly plan. My calendar was filled with events and deadlines and even included a vacation to Cape Cod. I was so greatly looking forward to spending time with my husband on the coast, but by May, I'd canceled the trip and hunkered down in the apartment. This was just the new way of life, I told myself. Sometimes this was an effort in mining for something positive, but I wanted to find a way in which to feel safe. I began to wonder if travel would ever feel safe again, and if so, when?

I sat down and thought long and hard about what safety meant to me, and how I could go about continuing to explore in a considerate manner. I made lists and crossed off things like airplane rides, or hotel stays, anything too public, etc. When I considered what a well-rounded and safe trip looked like, only one thing came to mind: camping. Camping packs so many of my favorite aspects of travel into one: being outdoors with nature, being far away from large crowds, and the list went on. Ultimately, I decided to go camping in my favorite place, Maine.

We spent five glorious days on the mid-coast, driving around, photographing, and enjoying nature. We built fires and cooked by the light of the moon. Being away from the city was wonderful. It was quiet and calm and I felt normal again, for the first time in a long long while.

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