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Weeping Willows + Rain

The weather is such a motivating yet restricting factor for outdoor photo sessions. Sometimes it's too hot, then it's too cold, and worse yet, the rain! The truth of the matter is this: the weather does not have to limit an outdoor photography session.

The days leading up to this shoot were heavily monitored weather-wise. I checked the hourly forecast as close to the timeframe as was possible. I checked multiple media outlets. The verdict was in and it didn't look great. The rain was 100% going to happen, the only matter up for discussion was the exact timing. So the strategy that the clients and I went for, was to push up the session slightly and hopefully avoid the rain.

For the most part, this change of plan was successful and we mostly avoided the storm, but towards the end of the shoot, the rain made its presence known. Here's the clincher: it was okay! The weather does not have to be perfect to have a truly wonderful session. In this case, it actually added to the effect that we were trying to attain.

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