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Yum + Yum

Get ready for delicious baked goods, photographed by yours truly and baked by @gettingbakedwithlori.

Keep scrolling to go on a ride of delicious desserts, freshly made to order!

Lori specializes in vegan, gluten-free, raw, and healthier versions of desserts you know and love.

Follow her on Ig@gettingbakedwithlori

Holiday Coconut cake

If you really want something yummy that will take you right back to childhood, try Lori's Smore's bars!

Or the classic chocolate chip cookie, baked to perfection!

If you love PB+J, look no further than peanut butter iced, jam filled cupcakes..

Or PB+J bars! Sticky and not too sweet, they are my favorite!

Maybe you're a pumpkin pie girl, perhaps?

Lori makes every order with high-quality ingredients and love + care!

Order something sweet for yourself today!

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